Channeled Information – 111 Activation

Channeled information about the 111 Activation

Early channeling history

The 111 Activation was channeled and intuited by the co-founders of Orion Network for Evolution. The beings who guided us are the “High Council of Orion.” In January 2011 when they first began to come through, we asked them who they were and they told us that their name was not important. They told us that the information they had to share with us that was important, not their name. Then, on 8th September 2011, after 9 months of communication with us, they told us who they were.
“We are the High Council of Orion. We are a body of light beings and star messengers who seed information to accelerate transformation in different areas of the universe. So our attention is drawn to this area in which you are at this time to allow this acceleration to happen.”

They have said that this is the first of many activations. “We always want you to remember what we said before, which was that it’s an ongoing process with an infinite number of additions to it…It will be complete unto itself only because this is what will be complete in this moment.”
High Council of Orion – 10th May 2011

We would like to share with you segments from the channeled material that explain what the 111 Activation is more clearly, as told to us directly from the High Council of Orion.
“The density of the body is diminished and more light can move through. It makes it (the body) like a semi-permeable membrane instead of a brick wall. It is a semi-permeable membrane that allows flow in both directions. So, if you can imagine that you have a brick wall, and then something shifts to make it a semi-permeable membrane; more can move in and out and through it. That is the same thing that’s happening with the 111.
The 111 Activation is a vehicle of transformation and transcendence because it allows the human soul to be less encumbered by the physicality and allows a greater

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level of connection to the source that’s out there. The semi-permeable membrane allows more flow to happen at a rate that the physicality can handle.”
The High Council of Orion – 8th September 2011

“This Light Vehicle of Transformation, which is this experience that you’re calling the 111 activation, is very similar to a catapult. If one has a very large catapult, puts something in it, and stretches it far back and then lets it go, the object that’s within the catapult moves forward far faster than if one threw it, or if one kicked it, or if it was just randomly being blown by the wind, letting nature take its course. Would you agree with that?
So you can imagine the 111 activation being, in a sense, like putting your light vehicle, your body & your energetic being, into a catapult (through the process that you have brought through)”…”So, this Light Vehicle of Transformation we can say is a Cosmic Catapult.”

“It’s going to affect every aspect of each soul’s incarnation. Yet as you might imagine, it’s going to affect each individual soul in different ways, because each individual soul’s physical, mental, emotional, etheric and all the other bodies, are all at different places. Some might have a more physical effect, some might have more mental and emotional, some might be more subtle, yet it does cut across and it impacts everything.”
The High Council of Orion – 8th September 2011

In summary, the 111 Activation allows us to hold more light which will help us move forward in a more authentic way on our soulic path in this life, whatever that path may be.

Early Teachings about the general effect of bringing more light to the planet.

“So in shifting yourselves, you’ve shifted the dynamics, not only in the physical space around you which you like to talk about, but the whole fabric of all of the grid has been shifted. So everything you do, whether it’s in the stars or in the planet or in the body or in the plant, all is shifted from this moment forward. And there can be lots of varying moments in different ways, in different locations on the planet and in the universe, as each one shifts. And remember you’re in this time where there’s more thought, and resonance and desire and hunger for harmony and peace and ease, so therefore there are many other places where things may not be as they are here, but they shift in a good way, in what you would say is a positive way to a more harmonious place. And each thing shifts that grid and allows it to breathe a little more easily, to give this planet that you’re on that breathing space, because we see it as an energetic constriction, in that if somebody came and constricted you, you would want to break out of it. So if you understand, there’s an energetic constriction, and then people step forward and that loosens the constriction. What you have learned in these past days allows that constriction to loosen. Does that make sense?”
“So energetically you might say the grid has been too tight on the planet that you love to call home. And each thing that you do to bring ease and light and information and harmony, loosens that constrictive grid around the earth, and that grid loosening allows the natural movement to happen with greater ease. And as the ease is manifest, then things that people spend so much time worrying about don’t happen, or not to the degree that people are so worried about at the moment. Does this help you understand more?”

The High Council of Orion – 12th January 2011

“The soul calls forth what we manifest, and it’s time to manifest differently for our souls call forth differently at this time. What needs to happen for humanity to move forward, and for more light to be on this planet, and for people and the planet to ascend, and all species within and on the planet to ascend – Light needs to come down in a more extensive way than it has up until this point in time. So what we are asking you to do is seed more light onto the planet. It now seems so clear in most of your minds that the soul is calling to get more light onto the planet. Your love and compassion to move things forward is because you know that life on the other side, with more light coming in and filling your lives, allows you all to go to the places that you’ve always dreamed about.”
The High Council of Orion – 10th May 2011